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Not Dead Yet

It is bittersweet to tell you, today will be our last day at our main location at Dot2Dot Cafe.

Before I move on, I must express my eternal gratitude to Karen Henry-Garrett, the chef/owner of Dot2Dot Cafe. Without Karen, we probably would not have existed beyond that summer at the farmers' market. Thank you for giving On the Dot a home!

Today, Sunday 4/2, there will be a clearance sale on items currently in stock:
$15 Hardcovers
$10 Paperbacks/Children's Hardcovers
50% off all other books
Cards: $3


Dream with me.

This magnificent gift book ($22) is a collection of paintings and stories from from 75 of the world's best bookstores, by The New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein. It is sold out everywhere, including the big A, but you know who has copies? US! Sorry, you must stop by, call or email to order.

Bob Dylan, 2016 Nobel Prize winner in literature

Finally, some good news for the US on the world stage...Bob Dylan is this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in literature. He is the first American winner since Toni Morrison, who won in 1993.

In the words of the Swedish Academy, Dylan was recognized for "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition".

Read some for yourself:

Please don't make us stare at Trump's face all day

I am a tolerant person. I don't believe in censorship. If I disagree with someone, politically or otherwise, I'd rather ask, "Why do you feel that way?" than shout them into submission to my way of thinking. I'm an unenrolled voter, and count both Democrats and Republicans among close friends and family.

But Donald Trump is testing my limits. There are too many reasons to list. I'll just say he is the antithesis of who I'd want to see in the office.

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