Not Dead Yet

It is bittersweet to tell you, today will be our last day at our main location at Dot2Dot Cafe.

Before I move on, I must express my eternal gratitude to Karen Henry-Garrett, the chef/owner of Dot2Dot Cafe. Without Karen, we probably would not have existed beyond that summer at the farmers' market. Thank you for giving On the Dot a home!

Today, Sunday 4/2, there will be a clearance sale on items currently in stock:
$15 Hardcovers
$10 Paperbacks/Children's Hardcovers
50% off all other books
Cards: $3

THIS IS NOT THE END OF ON THE DOT BOOKS...YET. You can continue to order online from us at, though with fewer features than before (sorry, PayPal users), as well as browse and pickup at home.stead bakery & cafe

WE HAVE SOMETHING UP OUR SLEEVE. We are working on things we can't tell you about yet. If you're on social media, please follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Thank you for being a part of our story,
Yooree Losordo