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My name is Carole Smith

I offer clear, accurate bookkeeping - bookkeeping that is the key to YOUR city of gold. 

Without this type of bookkeeping everything crumbles. With it, YOU can make strategic decisions about the direction and growth of YOUR business.


I am not just a bookkeeper… I have the power to unlock everything YOU are looking to achieve for your business, which will allow YOU to create even more in your life!

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Our Services
as easy as 1,2,3.


Level 1
Basic Bookkeepin

$50/hr Contract 

  1. Categorize

  2. Reconcile

  3. Monthly Reporting


Level 2
Bookkeeping + Package

Starting at $500/month 

  1. Level 1 (up to 8 Hours)

  2. + Accounts Payable *

  3. + Accounts Receivable *


Level 3
Bookkeeping Add-Ons

$Price determined per selection

  1. Payroll Services 

  2. Project Management Support

  3. Expanded Reporting

Get in Touch

524 Avenue G 

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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